The World’s Fastest Teaching Method by Tony Maygoli will take a complete beginner to an intermediate level and you will learn the essential techniques that will allow you to play any song in a shortest possible time while having fun.


Piano courses in English are designed for Spanish people and foreigners who live in Spain and those who want to study abroad or prepare themselves for exams in English or simply want to have two classes in one class. You can learn piano while studying English as well. It is a rare and great opportunity to learn more or to improve your English language level.


The Fees for Classes in English Language in Student's Place
   17% Discount 
30 MinutesPer Month1 HourPer Month
1 Person30120
2 Persons25*100* 40*160*
3 Persons20* 80*30*120*
4 Persons15* 60*25*100*
  • The prices are in Euro
  • The prices are based on 1 session per week
  • Some months have 5 sessions, which will be added to these prices
  • The classes could be more than 1 session per week
  • * The prices are for EACH person